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This company is deceptive. They get you in the door with promises.

They tell you they will save you money& they will do financial planning through the year, they tell you they are always available &during the year you will have meetings to discuss all things. They get the contract signed and get your money. Thats when you realize Perfect Tax is far from perfect. They had us open several business at our own expense with no explanation advising they will discuss during planning phase yet no planning was ever done.They all claim to be knowledgeable yet only 1 CPA there.They failed to file documents in a timely manner which lead to penalties and interest being charged by the IRS.

They then promised to pay fines (I have in writing) because they admitted fault only to find out they didnt pay it. They never filed or advised that we should file taxes quarterly. They gave no advice or financial planning.They have awful interoffice communication & their staff are unqualified to do the work assigned. No individual account rep for case.

They do not return calls or emails. They refused to surrender personal and business files when asked a total of 4 times. They can not produce any "financial planning" steps they took. Just wanted more money!

Funny thing is since giving them my bank info I got flagged more than 3 times for possible fraud attempts. And each time they were the common denominator after closing old accounts and opening new. Also they hide charges. They say it costs money to file forms with the IRS yet the IRS says filing is free.

So essentially they try to charge for work that was to be included in their overall fee. When I refused to pay it miraculously got filed without a penny more. When things go wrong they claim the person no longer works there. This company is not one I would ever recommend!!!Luckily we refused to sign their lengthy contract.

They tried to get us to sign for a few years we wrote a contract for 1 year. It was the worst decision we have made financially. Now I have to pay a seasoned CPA to investigate their shoddy work,close several unused businesses, and to be sure to tie up loose ends left by Perfect Tax. Even this new CPA cant understand what in the world they were thinking.In all fairness to the company I have given them several opportunities over the course of several months to address my complaints.

At no time did I demand a refund even though they have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. I am leaving this honest review in good faith.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. aiyahd stated that there is a room for improvement of lack of communication and unqualified unprepared staff. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of perfect tax tax preparation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $6000. Perfect Tax needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I am so sorry for your experience, but you are not alone. I had the same experience.

Worst thing is - they charge huge fees up front.

So you have no choice, but to stick with them. The service is pathetic, the staff is inefficient, communication and promptness is way below par. First thing they will ask is - to file an extension. That shows their desire and willingness to work!

I am amazed.

The employees even make fun of the customers, which you can easily hear, if you are sitting within 15-20 meters' distance.

I had brought it to the notice of Mr Director and nothing happened to that employee.

Luckily, I have gotten away from them and filed my taxes with a knowledgeable CPA *** lawyer with peace of mind and way cheaper.

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